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Lifestyle Photography – The Florida Keys Way

When you think of the words Lifestyle Photography many things come to mind.  When you specify that to an area like the Florida Keys and Key West even more comes to mind.  The Southernmost Point, Mallory Square, Hemingway, etc.  That’s what big business wants you to think the Florida Keys is comprised of.  In reality it’s hardly that.  There is a much more complex vision, yet can be simplified into one word; Paradise!

2016 has been an insanely amazing year for me.  Freas Photography has blossomed into something more than expected.  At first it started off as an Architectural Photography business back in 2014.  It progressed to adding in Wedding Photography, something I never expected.  Fast forward to 2016, and the trifecta is complete.  Architectural, Wedding, and now Lifestyle Photography.  What is Lifestyle Photography you ask?  It can be many things, but for me, it’s all about how I live my life.  What I enjoy, and how I showcase that to others around me.  Little did I know, that would blossom into a new niche market that I was able to go after.

Lifestyle Photography can be many things.  It can be a promotion of the way you live and the things around you, or it can take on a commercial base and showcase the vast amount of activites that are offered in your area.  Key West Lifestyle Photography is a no brainer.  Its water, nature, and some of the most amazing colors you will ever see.  The way the contrast of the water reflects, what it does to you, and what is underwater.  Its a whole new world that you can venture into, not knowing anything about it.

Lifestyle Photography

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My main mission with any project, is to showcase the positive side of things.  I like to show the natural beauty of my home, educate others about it, and work on a conservation level.  It is not something that we can replace, rebuild.  It is only something that we can preserve, try to restore what is lost, and pass it on to the next generation.  My hope with this blog post is that  you encompass what lies around me.  You take an infinity to why we work so hard to preserve it.  Take it all in, absorb it, and realize that it only exists with your help, conservation, and education.  This is why Lifestyle Photography of the Florida Keys means so much to me.  Its natural history that we have to work together to preserve.

Florida Keys Way of Life from Freas Photography on Vimeo.

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