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Gloria & Marco | Key West Wedding Photographer | Sheraton Suites Key West + Smathers Beach

Being a Key West Wedding Photographer you get to meet people from all over the world. Gloria and Marco are Italians who live in Scotland currently.  They met at a local gym where the she was working as a receptionist, the groom was a gym member. They had friends in common that made them meet at the gym and they fell in love, simple as that. So all those stories about it being difficult to meet someone at the gym […]

Olena & Travis | Key West Wedding Photographer | Smathers Beach Wedding Key West

Olena and Travis are two Key West locals.  Their story is one that happens quite a bit around here.  You meet someone you work with.  You form a relationship, and then a family.  We see it happen and its so awesome that it happened to one of my friends.  Travis and I met when I first moved to Key West, close to 5 years ago.  We have stayed friends and kept in touch, so when he asked me to shoot […]

Kate & Justin | Key West Photographer | Southernmost Beach Resort

{Kate & Justin} A Beach Wedding Southernmost Beach Resort in Key West, Florida Kate and Justin intimate Key West wedding was a romantic and dreamy celebration with a tropical twist.  The couple was inspired by their beach setting, resulting in a simple, laid-back, and serene affair. The Couple: Kate and Justin The Wedding: Southernmost Beach Resort and Cafe The Inspiration: We wanted our wedding to be simple and easy. The theme was coastal and romantic.     

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Love. Life. Laughter – A Personal Approach to Photography Part 1

Wedding Photography – When you explore life’s passions, you find out that you may do things well that you never imagined.  You may find a new appreciation for things that you never knew existed.  You may find out your calling.  All of these are true in the sense of direction that my life has taken.  I am doing things I never would have imagined 20 years ago.  When your a kid and you try to figure out what you are […]

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Paddleboarding Key West – Whaleback Paddleboards 2016 Photoshoot

What is paradise?  Why do we all seek it? For some it is the undisturbed ecosystem, for others it is for the game fish and the reward of the hunt.  Paddleboarding in Key West has become a big surge in the water and boardsports industry.  People now fish from them, do yoga, and race.  Paddleboard is a way of staying in shape, exploring, and reminds us of the ancient surfers who created the boardsports industry and lifestyle of today.  It […]

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When a photographer sets up his frame and composition, there are a lot of elements that go hand in hand.  What feel are you going for?  What is the theme of that particular shoot? Who is this going to appeal to? Take all of that into consideration and you have a perfectly balanced and composed photo.  Captioning is not needed, as the photograph tells the story.  Islamorada Beer Company, founded in Islamorada, is a craft beer company that brings the […]

Alex & Matt | Key West Photographer | Engagement at Fort Zachary Taylor

Spring time in The Florida Keys and Key West presents some of my favorite reasons for living in the Keys.  Flowers and Trees come into full bloom, the water colors change with the Caribbean Tide, and as they say “Love is in the Air.”  It gives me as a Key West Photographer, an amazing canvas that I use to show emotion and love. Alex and Matt are an awesome, fun loving, and playful couple.  They share the same love of fitness […]

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Key West DIY Destination Wedding of Nicole and Troy

When you ask a person to do your photography for your wedding you look for something. You have a vision, a style and an end result. For Nicole and Troy it was an artistic vision. They were drawn to my work for capturing landscapes, then translating them into their day.  They didn’t want to go the average route, and stare at the lens. They weren’t hung up on formals, and wanted shots of the couples in attendance, as she wanted everyone […]

Shelby & Mikey | Key West Photographer | America 2.0 Weddings

Shelby and Mikey have been together for 15 years.  A true love story that started when they were 16.  Shelby lived in Key West prior to the wedding, and her love for the ocean and the Florida Keys Landscape brought them to Key West again to spend their special and memorable day.  She wanted to convey a day of Eclectic love, Artistic Impression, and Natural surroundings, thus the decision on Key West.   They chose America 2.0 Weddings as their […]

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My FAQ – The questions I get asked most as a Key West Photographer

As a fresh face in the wedding industry, you learn from others and grow singularly.  As with any industry there are always things that confuse, raise concern, and provide insight.  The Florida Keys & Key West provide everything you need for your destination wedding.  It allows you the budget option with a small ceremony or you can go all out and have the storybook wedding of your dreams. So where do you get started?  How do you find the right […]