Shelby & Jake - Key West Wedding Photographer - Fort Zachary Taylor - Freas Photography
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Shelby & Jake – Key West Wedding Photographer – Fort Zachary Taylor

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Where is the one place that you go many times if you are a Key West photographer?  How do you make it become something that its not to the average eye?  The secret is what sets me apart as a Key West photographer.  Enough about me.

Shelby and Jake contacted me to take advantage of one of my full coverage wedding packages.   With each one, a complimentary engagement session is offered so that I can get to know the couple.  I had met Shelby through some friends, and Jake I knew from spending time on the waters of Key West.  Jake is a local math teacher who also coaches the Key West Lacrosse team.  Shelby works with local non-profit Mote Marine Labs, who helps with restoration of our coral reefs.  So naturally we spent time around the water in the shoot.  We walked around Fort Zach and used the same areas that many other key west photographers use, but differently.  We climbed, rolled, and walked throughout the park.  I got lots of sandspurs that hurt.  That’s what you have to do sometimes.  Get dirty, stab yourself with sandspurs, but the end result is worth it.

Shelby and Jake are two people that are super easy to photograph.  I will let you figure out for yourself why.  The bohemian style that these two brought was perfect. They added to the fun their super camera ham of a dog Sunny.  Im hoping I spelled that right.  This is their sneak peek, so I am just winging it.  You can feel the love these two share.  A Key West Story that started on the water.  It developed into the love that we see before us in these images.  Two people, one dog, one island.  This Key West photographer is looking forward to the wedding.

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  1. I love Fort Zachary Taylor- such a hidden gem on key West! I absolutely love this engagement series. Her dress is so beautiful for the beachy atmosphere, and I love how you incorporated their four legged pal! What a lucky couple to have these great memories of their engagement!

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